Haulin’ Ash Chimney Sweeps have been serving Whatcom & Skagit Counties successfully for over 30 years. Our highly trained and skilled professionals maintain an unsurpassed level of expertise and excellence in the following services:

  • Chimney Cleaning – Masonry and/or factory built chimney cleaning for wood, gas and oil appliances.
  • Level I, II and III Certified Chimney Safety Inspections – Level I inspections are performed on every chimney and heating appliance that we clean. Level II inspections are performed for all ‘Home Sale Inspections’. Level III inspections include external and internal portions of the heating system and may include removal of structural components to determine damage extent or where hazardous conditions are detected.
  • Wood Stove Installation – Expert installation of free-standing wood stoves and fireplace inserts.
  • Chimney Liner Installation – We install Ventinox Stainless Steel liners that are vented for oil, gas and wood heating appliances.
  • Clay Liner Removal – We remove old clay liners and dispose of the material.
  • Chimney Masonry Repair – Haulin’ Ash Chimney Sweeps performs chimney re-pointing. We install Portland Cement chimney crowns, counter flashing, stucco installation and repair, chimney caps, fire bricks, new dampers and cap dampers. We do firebox repair, waterproofing of chimneys with ChimneySaver. We install and rebuild hearths. We repair dampers and smoke chambers.
  • Stainless Steel Chimney Cap Installation – We install the proper stainless steel chimney cap for your application.
  • Chimney Water Proofing – We water proof masonry chimneys with ChimneySaver, which has a 10 year guarantee.
  • Gas Appliance Cleaning – We clean most gas appliances.
  • Damper Repair & Installation – Dampers can often be repaired or a cap damper can be installed in its place.
  • Masonry Cultured Stone & River Rock Installation – We can install and/or repair just about any form of masonry chimney material.
  • Fire Safety Information – We offer fire safety information to our clients.
  • Roof & Gutter Cleaning – We offer light pressure washing of all moss and algae from roof tops and also the cleaning of gutters.

The Chimney Sweeps Role:
The primary job of a chimney service professional is to aid in the prevention of fires related to fireplaces, wood stoves, gas, oil and coal heating systems and the chimneys that serve them. Wood burning heating systems, in particular, require careful monitoring and skillful operation. Chimney Sweeps install, clean and maintain these systems, evaluate their performance, prescribe changes to improve their performance, and educate the consumer about their safe and efficient operation. The basic task of a chimney sweep is to clean chimneys. Cleaning means removing the hazard of accumulated and highly combustible creosote produced by burning wood and wood products. Cleaning also means eliminating the build-up of soot in coal and oil-fired systems, getting rid of birds and animal nests, leaves and other debris that may create a hazard by blocking the flow of emissions from a home heating appliance. In doing their primary job, Sweeps also function as on-the-job fire prevention specialists. They are constantly on the lookout for unsafe conditions that can cause home fires or threaten residents with dangerous and unhealthy indoor air quality.


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